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Before I became a professional blogger, I used to believe that blogging is for individuals who like internet marketing. I thought myself out of the thing. I knew less than nothing about blogging activities. In fact, I did not think it could be of help to me. I observed a play writer writing content about the narration of the events and experiences of his latest book. My friend had a beautiful blog sharing writing and authorship techniques. He had a million connections through email and followers in his blog. Another vegetable farmer in our region was sharing a story of how his blog was gaining fame on the internet. I changed mind and realized blogging is not for internet marketers and technology guys. I realized why blogging is for everybody; let me tell you why.

i) It is your resume- you can describe your expertise in your blog. All professional experience and achievement are able to be viewed by many people. If you have a blog and recruiter finds you, it is likely that you can get a job. This possibility does not rely on your academic niche. Recruiters love to see personal ability and achievement. A blog is good for a person in any field of study to market his or her services.

ii) Network with other people- every individual need network with other people. Business persons share business ideas through blog connections. Also, professional like lawyers and nurses would like to share issues affecting their industry and changes in their profession. Blogging is inviting every individual to be a member. Imagine every good resource in any field is found online.

iii) Turn your ideas into reasonable thoughts-while writing content for a blog, you write about any topic you may think good to share. Your thoughts count, you involve others to share your ideas. This can build your career or area of study. Your idea makes sense to others and if you make mistake friends and your community is bound to correct you. It is through sharing ideas that great achievements like a business are realized. Business can employ people in any industry and that is why am saying blogging is for everybody. Just create a desire.

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