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5 healthy blogging practices for bloggers


Blogging requires healthy practices like any other job. Bloggers doing full-time blogging ensure several health practices. The underlying reason why I have managed to keep up doing with my blog despite long working days and busy schedules is that I have some good practices. The following is the list of some good practices. Keep reading

5 steps guide to start up with blogging


Blogging is a fantastic activity to involve yourself in. It can change your life and life of other people. Both economically and socially. But how did professional bloggers start? Let me tell. There are several steps a successful blogger should take before launching a compelling blog.

i) Choosing a blog name- this is the first stage in the journey of being a successful blogger. The blog name should rhyme with the content of the blog. Make sure that readers can find your blog easily when they search through the search tab of any search engine. In this case, you need to be creative and use a good Google Keyword.

ii) Upload your blog online-after selecting a good name; you should make sure you are visible by millions of online visitors. This step might sound technical, but we have companies offering such services for a little fee. Do not hesitate to make it a trio.

iii) Customize your new blog-your blog should have a login page. It is through this that you can access the admin page and make changes or update your blog. Make sure your username at the domain service.

iv) Writer content and publish it to your blog-when your blog is running, create relevant content and to post as your content. You can write anything on your blog and share every thought you have.

v) Promote the blog-you can promote a well-designed blog needs good and quality content. Post your blog link to the social media and other blogs to make yourself known. This approach helps to create an extended network.

Why blogging is for everybody


Before I became a professional blogger, I used to believe that blogging is for individuals who like internet marketing. I thought myself out of the thing. I knew less than nothing about blogging activities. In fact, I did not think it could be of help to me. I observed a play writer writing content about the narration of the events and experiences of his latest book. My friend had a beautiful blog sharing writing and authorship techniques. He had a million connections through email and followers in his blog. Another vegetable farmer in our region was sharing a story of how his blog was gaining fame on the internet. I changed mind and realized blogging is not for internet marketers and technology guys. I realized why blogging is for everybody; let me tell you why. Keep reading

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