Atlantis Aquatics Massive Showroom!
The easiest way to get to us is follow the A12 towards Great Yarmouth/Gorleston and you will approach the Harfrey’s Industrial Estate Roundabout. Head away from the river/water side according to the map and you will be on the Industrial Estate. It’s a bit of a maze so it’s best to take a printout of the map, click it to enlarge!
When you get there, you’ll see this! It might not be sunny though, we can’t guarantee that! We have plenty of free parking so don’t panic, theres always space somewhere. We have a massive selection of Marine Fish, Tropical Fish, Reptiles, Pond Equipment and new for 2009 the £1 Pet Range with bits for your Dog, Cat, Rabbit and Budgie! Aquatics are our speciality though and theres loads to see!
Just recently we’ve expanded into Reptiles. We have some snakes, some spiders, some Bearded Dragons and many more weird and wonderful creatures. We also stock all the stuff you need to set it up, from Vivariums, Heat Mats, Food Bowls the lot! You can rest assured that a visit to Atlantis Aquatics will leave you clued up on everything you need to know about owning a new pet. Look at this guy, he’s happy to be at Atlantis Aquatics!
Well there simply too much to write about, so as they say, pictures say a thousand words! This is one of our Coral Bays of which we have 4 totalling over 300 gallons. We also have 3 large Marine Fish bays packed to capacity with amazing Marine Fish like Tangs, Anthias, Triggerfish and the famous Clownfish, Nemo! Don’t forget we are always able to handle enquiries about anything aquatic or reptile related. Just call 01493 663775 or e-mail
Here are some more pictures of the shop, click the images to enlarge (opens in new window!)

Welcome to Atlantis Aquatics!

Hello, I’m Jeremy Sherman! I’m an experienced boatman and a blogger. Feel free to read up through my website and drop me a line when you get the chance.


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