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Mini Moon Bright

Mini-Moonbright by Fish Scientific.
This is the perfect moonlight for Nano reefs.
It’s small and it produces negligble heat.
This light is powerful enough that apart from its use as a moonlight, you can use it to give your Nano a dusk/dawn cycle and also to enhance coral fluorescence if it’s used during the day.
Ever looked at fitting a moon light on your reef or fish only system? Now it’s easy with the Mini-MoonBright© aquarium moon simulation lamp. These tiny lamps are mounted in a splash proof 3 x 2 x 1.5 cm housing, allowing easy attachment within any hood or from a luminaire and as the unit comes with a lengthy cable the problem of having to re-wire any electrical work to accommodate a moon simulation unit is gone. As the Mini-MoonBright© unit is accurate to the moon’s natural light at reef depths it can be used to simulate to moon cycle by using it for the full moon period. Scientific research has shown that many corals and inverts spawn in synchronism with the lunar cycle. Another use is simply as a dramatic night viewing light, using the unit with a simple timer to come on shortly before ‘lights out’ and remain on for 2 – 3 hours. This helps reduce the stress of having a tank plummet into darkness and opens a new dimension to watching your tank. The unit uses the brightest blue industrial LED’s available in the world (at time of writing) and uses less than 1 watt of power, costing almost nothing to run. The LED itself is rated to last for over 5 years constantly on. Installation is quick and easy. The Mini-MoonBright© can be mounted above the aquarium in less than a minute. The unit is supplied with over 4m of cable between the light and power supply.

The manufacturer advises that two Mini-MoonBright units may be required on tanks over 3 feet in length, depending on the effect required. For moonlight simulation one may be sufficient but for enhanced nighttime viewing multiple units may be needed. From my own experience I’d say one unit every 75 centimeters works well when mounted 5 centimeters above the surface of the water. Note: The distance the light is mounted from the surface of the water will have affect the spread of the light.
Mini Moonbright in action

Price: �34.98 (Including VAT at 17.5%)


Moon Bright Pro Moon Bright Pro

Moonlight pro:
The moonlight pro is another exciting product casting a stunning “moon light” over your aquarium, whilst using only 3 watts of power.
Beauty isn’t the only reason to buy a mini moonbright pro.. Reasearch studies show that using moon luminesence helps to stimulate spawning.
Add the “MoonBright” Pro to your existing hood or canopy for the ultimate in lunar simulation…..and find out what happens when the lights go out.

Price: �44.89 (Including VAT at 17.5%)


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