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Joes Juice Joes Juice

Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple with Joes Juice.
Feeding can be done with the lights on with Joes Juice.
Aiptasia and Majano DO NOT retract while being fed with Joes Juice
No injection required
No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application with Joes Juice
Joes Juice has no effects on water chemistry
Results in minutes not hours
Applicator plus plastic control flow tip, which helps to eliminate spillage and increase feeding accuracy, included with every order of Joes Juice.

For best results, turn off powerheads before feeding Joes Juice to the anemones. Shake well before use. Fill the supplied syringe with the Joes Juice and place over the oral disc of the anemone. Feed the anemone a small amount of Joes Juice until the base of the tentacles is reached. The anenome will consume the Joes Juice and perish.

Price: £9.78 (Including VAT at 15%)


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Joes Juice Angled Tips Joes Juice Angled Tips

Packet of two angled tips for the Joes Juice syringe. The Joes Juice angled tips allow easier application in less accessible areas.
Price: £2.99 (Including VAT at 15%)


People who bought this item also bought:

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